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December 15, 2012


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You guys are most definitely having fun. The surfing looked great.

A couple of things I promised:

1. Fishin Guide Tongariro River near Taupo for Fly Fishing


2. Daniel Schuster Wines - The drive on the wine estate that I said we drove to and went up past the parking lot to an area outside that said, "No Parking Except for Norwegians" The wine is great!!!!!!!

Daniel Schuster, Waipara (before you reach Christchurch)

192 Reeces Road, Omihi, Waipara Valley, New Zealand
Website: www.danielschusterwines.comDaniel Schuster Omihi Waipara NZ Pinot Noir 2006

Copyright © 2012 Bob Campbell, Master of Wine. Republishing Info.

I listened to many enthusiastic reviews of this wine before I had the chance to taste it for myself. The experience certainly wasn’t an anti-climax despite the high expectation. This is a sophisticated and seriously powerful Pinot Noir with great complexity. It is a taut and refined style that gives a serious nod in the direction of Burgundy. From a great hillside site in the Waipara region that, when conditions are right, can produce world-beating Pinot Noir.

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